Ideas For Best Stair Railing

Modern Stairs Design Indoor Ideas

Stair railing – the staircase is usually the first thing a customer sees when they enter their house. By simply adding a new railing, you can make your stair look old and tired like a work of modern art. Wooden railings, available in various styles from the simplest to elaborate, wooden railings are a staple of American design and architecture. For smaller homes, try a simple style, like the handrails found in older craftsman homes. For larger houses with large entrances, choose a railing to match the ambiance of the area. Wooden railings can be joined with wood, glass or wrought iron railings to create a historical or modern-mixed medium, depending on the style of your home.

Metal railings are generally thinner and smaller than wooden railings. Because of this, the issues of wrought iron even determine ways often seem to be less heavy on the design aesthetic than their wooden counterparts. Try a metal railing and the rails on a narrow open staircase to make the ladder look wider than it is and to keep the tread space useful. In a completely white room, a black, wrought iron banister can create a striking contrast, or a brushed steel banister can be just the thing for your ultra-modern hallway.

Although many handrails are simple, simple matters, they do not have to be. A hand-carved wooden handrail or hammered iron railing can add that little extra detail that you were hoping to achieve, but do not overdo it. A railing that is too elaborate for the room can make a room look small and heavy, and in most cases, a hand-carved wooden railing will create too many details for a smaller house.