Ideas For Building Coffee Table With Storage

Brown Coffee Table With Storage

Extra storage is always welcome, and nowhere is it more truly than in a family room. A source of coffee table with storage that is often overlooked is the coffee table. It is a perfect place to store seasonal items and other items that are not used regularly. This table is very simple. It’s a little more than a big coffin, built from 3/4-inch plywood or chipboard. The size and weight of the table top prevent it from opening unintentionally


Take two of the sides. Run a string carpenter’s glue along one of the 15-inch edges, and butt this piece against the other panel at a perpendicular angle. Use a damp cloth to wipe off any excess glue that expands. Repeat this process with the other two sides. Run a string of glue along two edges of the lower panel, then place the panel on a flat surface and butt one of the two side panel panels against glued edges. Run nails through the sides of the edges of the lower panel. Wipe off excess glue.

Repeat this procedure with the other side coffee table unit. There is only one way this unit will match up to complete the box. Wipe off any excess glue that expands and dry the drawer. Use the nail set to set nail heads just below the surface of wood, and then fill nail holes with wood putty. You can also use wood putty to fill any gaps and seams in exposed parts of plywood sheets. Mount the piano hinges to one end of the upper panel; connect the other side of the piano hinges to the box. This panel forms the lid of the box.