Ideas Of Basement Carpet

Awesome Basement Carpet

Give your cellar a new look by covering the concrete floor with carpet. It will not only give color to a sharp cellar, but it will also add warmth to the cold cement environment. Basement carpet can be a cheap and simple thing to do and it adds a new large living space to your home. Using your imagination, you can create a rug on the floor that is both versatile and decorative.

Matte Tile

Use cheap textile plates for your basement floor. These easy-to-install pieces save you the trouble of wrestling with large pieces of carpet that have to be tightened when lying down on the floor. The adhesive backs on these tiles make them a good choice for concrete source floors, where the traditional technique of cross mat will not work. If there is flooding in an area in your basement rug, it is easy to change only the affected tiles instead of pulling up an entire area of ​​carpet. The carpet tiles come in a variety of colors that give you many choices of a solid or multi-color floor covering.

Carpet samples

Glue down carpet samples to make your own large textile plates in the basement. The samples can be purchased from most carpet shops and carpet tapes or adhesives can be used to secure them in the floor. The elongated pieces resemble door mats in size and each cover more surface than textile plates. It’s almost impossible to get them all in the same color so you have a multi-color floor. The mat samples are much thicker than textile plates, so they will offer more pillow and heat to your concrete basement floor.