Ideas To Install Brick Kitchen Floor

Smart Brick Kitchen Floor Ideas

Brick kitchen floor – Nowadays, if you consider a brick floor, you are actually considering cutting brick material with the thickness of the standard tiles. Flooring in full bricks would elevate the room by several inches and potentially collapse its floor beams with the weight. The process for laying tile brick floors is similar to that of ceramics, except the brick is stronger and harder to cut, which requires a wet saw. As well,

Start with a strong plywood sub floor or heavy cement slab. Remove all obstructions from the floor, including the floor trim. Fit two lines that cross the floor to form four square sections. Starting at one section, at the corner closest to the center of the room, extending a few square feet of thin-film adhesive with your scraper. Press the first brick tiles in place along the marked lines. Lay out the other pieces of the first ones, the construction outside the lines.

Place as many complete cards as they fit in the room. Put in for about two hours, and then go back and install the pieces on the edges of the room and any other places that require cuts. Make cuts using the wet saw. Glue the cut pieces as before, making sure that the cut parts face the wall and the sides of the factory face each other.