Information About The Stair Lift

Used Stair Lifts

A stair lift, also known as a stair lift, can be a platform or include a small chair. It is installed on a staircase to take a person up and down the stairs. Many use a metal track attached to the steps. The stair lift is used as a medical device for people who may have difficulty ascending and descending steps due to a medical condition, such as osteoarthritis or a cognitive condition that affects one’s balance.

Stair lifts can include different features, such as folding arms and tracks, remote control and a swivel seat that allows the user to easily get turned on or off. In addition, a stair lift can be equipped with obstruction sensors and a safety belt. Generally, the stair lift is installed on a straight ladder. However, if the staircase is curved, the stair lift may be in a custom shape to be fixed to the wall.

The vertical pipes serve as form and function. Unless you have an open, ultra-modern staircase that seems to float, cover the vertical spaces between the rungs – the horizontal boards you step on – and hide the view below the stairs. They also perform security service keeping their feet from being trapped under the next rung. Securing vertical risers requires basic tools and carpentry skills. Any minimally expert do-it-yourselfer can handle this work alone.