Installing Front Porch Swing

Review Porch Swing

A swing is a great way to enjoy the warmer months and add living space to the front of your home. Installing a roof mounted front porch swing correctly takes just a few hours and some know-how.


Decide where to hang the porch swing. There must be enough space between the back of the swing and the edge of the house and the porch rail so that the swing does not come into contact with either when used. Make a pen mark on the roof of the porch when you have found the perfect spot. Place the swing on the floor in the porch in the place where it will eventually hang. Using a string or rope, attach one end to the center of each handle of the swing and extend them vertically to the point directly above them on the roof. Take measurements of the two pencil markings based at a distance from the house and the end of the roof.

Access the wind above and make pencil markings on corresponding measurements. If they happen to land on a 2-by-4 rule you are lucky, if not, choose the next stud away from the center of the bend and place a pen mark in it. Obtain two heavy eyelid porch swings at least 5 inches long. Using a drill with the same width as the bolt, drill holes through your pencil mark, the rule and the ceiling under you. Let someone push the straight end of the eye hole bolt through the hole from below, and attach a washer and nut firmly to both ends of the wind. Have someone keep an eye out of the bolt while pulling with an adjustable wrench.