Insulation Under The Slab Basement

Slab Foundation Pros And Cons

Think of the surprise and delight that a new owner should discover that his basement is not only a usable space, but also warm and comfortable. By taking some additional steps, builders can dismiss the idea that basements are cursed as wet, cold, and humid storage rooms. Creating an insulation layer and a vapor barrier between the concrete slab basement and the ground below is the best practice in insulating basement floors.

The insulation barrier will help keep the hot air inside, and the vapor barrier will maintain unwanted moisture. And then, how to insulate under the slab foundation? Firstly, evenly distribute the gravel base under the basement slab, keeping it 1 inch below the conventional method. Second, place a 1-inch layer of extruded Styrofoam board of 4`x8 `on the gravel, covering the entire floor area.

Third, glue the joints between the boards with construction tape; you want to create a hermetic insulation layer. Fourth, place 5 thousand. Polythene sheets on the foam board, overlapping at least 6 inches in the seam. Make sure there are no gaps, holes or holes in the sheets and repair the ones you find with the construction tape. This cover will act as the vapor barrier. Last, glue the joints with construction tape and pour the concrete normally. Finally, will you living on a slab foundation.