Irresistible Mid Century Modern Dining Table

Danish Modern Dining Room

This great inspirational article takes you on a ride around mid century modern dining table ideas, which we have hand-picked because of unique design, materials or a combination of both. You can thus find some of the finest dining tables in one place. And there are both large and small tables. See the irresistible dining tables below so you can start planning your new dining room.

The oak dining table has a nice and rustic touch that fits perfectly into the mid century modern interior design style. The table top itself is made of solid oiled oak. And it thus appears with beautiful golden shades. Furthermore, the planks are not glued together as seen on other dining tables. But are kept separated by a few millimeters apart. It gives the dining table a more authentic look, which is completed by maintaining the natural shape of the wood along the edge of the table.

The oak dining table stands on black-lacquered metal legs that accompany the massive oak table top to perfection. The legs are slender and slightly inclined so that the dining table appears light and floating. In the same series there are a large number of furniture for both the living room, the dining room, the bedroom and the wardrobe. So there are good opportunities to find furniture in matching designs here.