Laminate Flooring For Bathroom Ideas

Modern Bathroom Flooring

Half baths are tricky places for home renovations. While the scope of the project is small, confined spaces make it increasingly difficult. Laminate flooring for bathroom is a common choice can work well if installed correctly. It does not like moisture, so precautions must be taken to prevent water from getting under the floor. The good news, if the worst would happen, is that liquid laminate flooring is some of the easiest to repair.


Remove the door from the hinges by tapping a screwdriver through the bottom of the hinge to push the pins out. To remove the toilet from its base, turn off the water at the cutoff valve under the toilet and lift out standing water in the toilet. Remove any carpet or glued down laminate flooring and sweep and dry the floor. Take the base boards with a flat pry bar and pull the nails out through the back to preserve the face.

Add a plastic film with vapor barrier to cover the entire area. Cut around vanity and toilet flange with a carpet knife. Cover the vapor barrier with a layer of foam substrate. Cut it to size with a carpet knife. Start the first row of laminate floor for half bathroom behind the toilet flange. Cut a piece of cardboard the size of a floor board. Space from walls half inch. Cut it to fit around the toilet flange. Trim needed for a good fit. Mark the outline of this template on a floor board. Cut it out with a jigsaw. Repeat the template process with all work-around for toilet and vanity.