Let’s Examine Wonderful Basement House Plans

3 Bedroom Ranch House Plans With Walkout Basement Type

Basement house plans – The floor plan of this house establishes a dialogue between three distinct spaces: the living room, the bedrooms and the basement. Each volume has large proportions allowing multiple possibilities of development, while remaining functional. The living room consists of a living room, a dining room and a kitchen. Designed for conviviality, the plan encourages to consider this free space of any partition and widely opened on the terrace.

The walls of the kitchen could then be replaced by a central island. So as not to derogate from the functionality of the room. South-west oriented, it has a soft lighting throughout the day, then enjoy the evening sun. The sleeping area, located at the upper half-level, has been designed in a large block grouping the three bedrooms and the only bathroom of the house. Each room has the same volume.

Oriented for some to the northwest. And for others to the north-east, they enjoy the morning sun, then indirect lighting, softer, during the day. The windows are smaller than those used in the main room. In order to preserve the privacy of the occupants. In case the inhabitants would like more privacy. It is possible to transform the dressing room into a bathroom. And thus make this room a parental suite or an independent guest room.