Light Up Your Steps With Stair Lighting

Theater Stair Lighting

Stair lighting is very important as your safety may depend on your ability. That is to see clearly when going up or downstairs. In addition to lighting, mirrors and light or bright paint colors help rebound the existing light around. And also creating better lighting with fewer shadows. If the staircase walls are dark, consider painting a brighter color to decrease your lighting needs.

Hang the lighting tracks on the ceiling over ladder or split stairs. And aim each head so that your light pool slightly overlaps the one next to you. Lighting the track installed on the wall can also be useful if directed by what it spills down the wall. Then create a light atmosphere that bounces off the surface. Verify that your luminaire is designed for wall use. However, since some runway lights are not meant to be used in that configuration you can reduce the life of your lamp. When using stairway lighting on stairs, always test your placement. And focus to make sure that the person walking up the stairs. It does not create too much of a shadow between the light and the stair tread.

Small accessories that aim directly down the ladder of rungs, such as those found in the corridors of the movie theater, can be useful on dark stairs. They are best used in conjunction with overhead lighting, as they light up the edges of the safety ladder rungs but may not provide enough visibility for most people to feel comfortable walking freely.