Living Room Rug Ideas Warm And Cozy Look

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Choosing a living room rug ideas is not easy. A carpet can be both a statement piece and a modest accessory that gives your room a warm and cozy look. You have to pay attention to the right size, a harmonious color, a good shape or an elegant pattern. Of course, this also depends on your wishes and the style of your interior. If you opt for a long garment, make sure that a strip of about 15 cm to the wall remains left and right.

At the end of the hall, keep as much floor carpet-free as at the beginning, so that you get a harmonious whole. Tip for the big room: an alternative is to create an ‘island’. This includes all furniture, such as the couch, the coffee table and the chairs on the carpet. Important: the carpet must be large enough to allow the furniture to be placed at a sufficient distance from each other so that it does not look ‘compressed’.

You also need a spacious room. Do you want to divide your space in two? Then place two different floor rugs as an optical room divider. Moreover, that has a playful effect on space. Finally, you can use your rug as a style statement or artwork or as a harmonious addition to your interior. Will it be a colorful, graphic copy or a subtle model?