Loft Bed With Stairs: Perfect For A Child’s Room

Ana White Loft Bed Trundle Idea

Really useful when you lack space at home, the loft bed with stairs is also a design asset. Even large rooms today want theirs. The proof with these pictures of lofts spotted on pinterest. The loft is this open space overlooking another room below. The loft can be either a bedroom, a library, a dressing room or a second living room. Ideal for optimizing small areas, the loft can take different forms.

Under the roof, around a glass roof, concealed on a storage or bed, the loft must be placed in a room where the ceiling height is at least 4 m2. However this condition varies according to the function that the loft will have. Perfect in a children’s room, the loft bed does not necessarily need a high ceiling.

Several children in a room? A small room for a lot of toys? The loft bed is perfect for a child’s room, however it is not recommended to install a loft bed to a child of 6 years . We also pay attention to secure the place by avoiding for example to install the loft near a window or an electrical circuit. You can also create different levels to delimit more easily a room of another or play on different volumes, the loft can also allow to add a missing piece.