Lovely Ideas Kitchen Floor Cabinets

Kitchen Floor Cabinets Color

Kitchen floor cabinets – Many of you have loved my post about countertop transformations. This time, I give you inspiration to give a second life to your kitchen cabinets, without having to spend a small fortune to replace them! The classic solution of repainting the panels remains in the spotlight, but other more creative options will show you all the possible alternatives! Whether you’re covering it with fabric, wallpaper or just plain paint, the bottom of your wardrobe will be classy!

Take advantage of this to place the crockery service that will add sparkle to the set. Since beauty has to be revealed in the open, why not replace the center of this box with glass! There is not only the cupboard that deserves a little makeover; the facades are also entitled to a beauty! With soft and invigorating colors, this wallpaper adds a very pleasant visual impact for the eyes.

If you like the rustic style and want to add texture to your kitchen, your melamine cabinet doors will make a great support for barn wood. Add contemporary handles and you’ll have a splendid look! Many people are afraid to replace their closed cabinets with tablets. To avoid accumulations of dust, make sure to place objects and dishes for daily use. No more unpleasant dusting!