Luxury And Comfort Marble Bathroom Floor

Bathroom Flooring Options Marble

Marble bathroom floor – Marble is a natural material that fits perfectly in the bathroom. It is associated with luxury and comfort and even turns the smallest space into a palace. There is marble in different shades of color: white, red, pink… Marble feels very soft, making it perfectly in the bathroom. In the bathroom is often opted for white marble. It has a natural, soft look with a touch of luxury.

White marble can be used both in a modern and in a traditional bathroom. A marble floor can be combined with underfloor heating which makes it feel extra comfortable. Marble bathrooms with a dark color often immediately feel domestic. It is beautiful in combination with the white marble. An example is this light brown colored bathroom in Canterburry (Australia).

The cabinet is made of wood which further strengthens the natural effect of the brown marble. You can also choose to cover your bathroom in marble from head to toe. This luxurious bathroom with walk-in shower is located in a luxury penthouse in London. A stylish marble bathroom does not necessarily have to be super large. That is not this bathroom either but it is very practical and because of the contrasting floor colors there is sufficient depth.