More About Concrete Kitchen Floor

Cement Kitchen Floor Idea

Do you want to give your kitchen a modern and sturdy look? Then you can certainly consider a concrete kitchen floor! There are roughly two possibilities for a floor with a concrete look in the kitchen: skinned concrete floors and cement-bound cast floors. In this article you will discover more about these possibilities for a concrete floor in the kitchen, their prices and other concrete applications in the kitchen.

A floored concrete floor is ideal to give your kitchen a tough look. This type of floor has a construction height of at least 7 centimeters and is installed seamlessly. The latter is very useful because it makes cleaning a lot easier: there are no seams between which dirt can accumulate. After pouring the floor, it is pinched, which ensures an even and slightly smooth finish.

In view of the reasonably large construction height of at least 7 centimeters. Plastered concrete floors are particularly suitable for larger renovation works or new construction projects. For example, if you want to renew the floor covering in different rooms. Such a floored concrete floor is certainly worth considering. Although cement-bound cast floors do not belong to the concrete floors. They are also very suitable for creating an industrial concrete look in your kitchen.