New Front Porch Ideas For Small Houses

Four Season Front Porch

Front porch ideas for small houses – The word porch makes you think of a summer evening, sitting on a comfortable chair and watching the world go by while you sip a big, fresh drink? Although the houses are more oriented towards the rear than towards the front yard, the porches have never completely outdated. Like any outdoor room, a porch is the continuation of the living room, whether extended to the front as a welcoming hideaway.

In the back as a means of projection or cover to discover the outdoors, or ‘wrapping around the house, for an outdoor escape from any door. If you are designing a new porch, consult an architect and an authorized contractor to make sure it has been designed properly. Unlike a patio or terrace, a porch is an appendage to the enlargement of a home and an architect knows himself well through the design and structural issues that will be encountered.

Wrap Around: Often seen in older homes, these porches start at the entrance and literally envelop at least one corner and one side of the house; sometimes two. Filtered Porch: Popular in four-season areas and full of insects (such as mosquitoes) in summer, these porches provide an outdoor experience, even in the rain. Ready to find the porch of your dreams? Take a tour of some beautiful types and designs.