Options For The Kitchen Wooden Flooring

Wood Floors In Kitchen Vs Tile

Hardwood kitchen wooden flooring used to be a taboo, as designers and flooring experts felt that the constant use of water in the kitchen will inevitably damage the finish or the moisture that could deform the wood. Today, no, there is no more. Modern treatments and finishes protect hardwood floors. Hardwood is a strong material with high quality and durability. The available stains, grains, and types of boards offer incredible design flexibility.

Select a table of light to create a field kitchen. This style is fashionable these days, equipped with rural-style ornaments and white paint and details in pastel colors. Wide blond wood boards – oak, birch or maple – will achieve this look. Try to find tables that are at least 4 inches wide – the higher the better. These simulate the wide pine planks that carpenters commonly put on farms, but it would be better served to stay away from pine, as it is very soft and will show wear and damage quite easily.

You can make a conscious decision about the environment with your selection of floors. Cork and bamboo grow rapidly and replenish rapidly, creating minimal environmental impact. Both floor options are quite elegant and durable. They are very forgiving of minor damages because of their textures and patterns. The bamboo is linear, but fluted, with a signature knotting pattern. It looks very similar to the way it appears as a whole bamboo shoot.