Outdoor Stair Railing Design Ideas

Perfect Outdoor Stair Railing

Outdoor stair railing benefit from the installation of a handrail. Handrails offer not only the decoration on one side or sides of the stairs, but also add to the security of a handle. Although you can buy handrails in multiple lengths, making your own handrail allows personalization of the appearance. If you want to make a handrail for an exterior staircase, use the appropriate wood and the treatment of the handrail, such as stairs, to withstand outdoor weather conditions.

Cut two posts from 4 by 4 to approximately 40 inches in height. If the surfaces of the stairs on which you want to build the handrail extend along the side rails, the angled pieces of wood that support the measurements, measure an inch hole of 4 by 4 at the top and the bottom staircase on each side of the ladder that requires a handrail. Position the hole so that one edge of it aligns with the bottom band and cut the hole out by punching in each corner and then using a jigsaw.

Insert a 4 by 4 post into the hole at the top of the ladder approximately 1 1/2 inches deep. Drill two 1/2-inch pilot holes through the crossbar and into the 4 by 4 post, so that the holes are approximately 1 inch on each side and vertically centered, drill 4 1/2 inch hex screws through. Each pilot hole to secure the post and repeat the process for the post in the lower step. If the steps do not extend along the stringer, simply align the post on the outside of the stringer and the drill on the inside of the stripe towards the post.