Perfect Planning Basement Egress Window

Basement Egress Window Glass

A basement egress window is a special window that is meant as an emergency exit. Building regulations require that each bedroom in a basement has at least one exit window as a starting means in the event of a fire. A hazardous gas leak or a natural disaster. Without landscaping, the area may appear sterile or utilitarian. But any plants or objects added to the area must not obstruct the emergency exit. Plan your landscape well to ensure a safe and attractive emergency exit.

Egress windows can be large or small. But according to the rules of the building codes, the window must meet the minimum requirement of 5.7 square feet. The exit window can be squat and wide or long and narrow. But the minimum free width is 20 inches . And the height is 24 inches with a minimum height of 44 inches from the finished basement floor to the bottom of the window opening.

These requirements are important to understand. Because the exit window and the immediate corridor must have enough space to leave the building completely. In other words, the exit window can meet the building regulations in the window size. But if the corridor of the window is blocked by a thick hedge of thorny bushes, it is impossible to leave.