Perfect Trunk Coffee Table

Trunk Coffee Table India

One of the ultimate design challenges is decorating a small space. You have to choose furniture carefully, otherwise the room can quickly be cramped. There are things you can do, but give the illusion of space and visually larger rooms. Buying furniture that can do double work, for example, can double a wooden trunk coffee table and a place to store linens.

Do you have kids having a toy trunk that they do not use or that can be repurposed? A colorful toy trunk is an ideal coffee table with storage when refinished. The advantage of using an old toy trunk as a coffee table is that it is a great place to store items. Like leaves, remote controls and even toys that you allow in the living room. Painting toy trunk coffee table suitcase is cheap to do and it can add storage to a tight home.

In the living areas and in the bars, tree trunks can be recycled into small reclaimed wood coffee tables and delicious design pieces, such as lamps, hangers and vases. Size and shape determine the design and use. One or more decorative trunks become the basis for low tables, dug or raised by metal supports become support surfaces and ecological seats.