Popular Teak Drop Leaf Dining Table

Dining Drop Leaf Table

Teak drop leaf dining table – It is extremely popular to use teak in the decor – and it is not difficult to understand why. The warm teak brings lots of charm into the home, and serves as a good contrast to the bright, minimalist furniture that is otherwise in focus. The teak has a special retro feel that is hard not to fall for. The ideal seat height at the table is difficult to determine because it is very personal.

The one likes to sit a bit lower at the table, while the other person likes a higher seat. Because this is difficult to determine, it is also difficult to determine the ideal height of your dining table. Most dining tables in our collection have a height between 76 and 79 centimeters.

This is probably higher than your current dining table, because the dining tables have become a few centimeters higher in recent years because they have become a bit longer on average in recent years. So if you do not want to replace your dining room chairs, but it has been a while since you bought them, you have to take into account that you are sitting at a lower table than you are used to.