Reclaimed Wood Dining Table With Wonderful Decor

Dining Table Sets Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood dining table – With the styling of the house, the dining table is sometimes forgotten. Not strange, because if it is good, it is used (almost) every evening. But that means that the table is empty for the rest of the day. We think it’s a shame. The dining table is in fact the perfect place for a personal touch: whether you do this with flowers, plants or beautiful finds. To give you a hand in styling, we give you a good inspiration boost!

If you have such a nice wooden dining table, you can keep the styling of the table very simple. The black, minimalist accessories enhance the contrast between the light table top and the dark industrial leg. With a tight dining table – as used in the above interior – one item is often sufficient.

Buy a beautiful large vase and some loose berry branches, willow catkins or eucalyptus leaves. Cut the branches or leaves in different lengths and arrange them in the vase. Simple, but effective! Different plants are easy to combine and give your dining table a nice, homely feeling. Throw various (fat) plants, flowers and branches into the mix and create your own green carpet. A kind of centerpiece, but in a contemporary way.