Refinishing Teak Coffee Tables

Vintage Teak Wood Dining Chairs

Teak furniture is a popular and sustainable alternative for both indoor and outdoor use. If left to the weather outdoors, the wood produces an attractive silver-gray surface that is easy to maintain. Other homeowners prefer to preserve the golden color of new teak coffee tables, and this requires regular teak oil treatment. Teak furniture can last for many years, and you may want refinish pieces that show signs of wear. For example, a teak coffee table can be painted to remove dirt and stains so it looks new.


Lay down a plastic cloth to protect the floor. Wash wood with a solution of 1 tsp. detergent for 1 liter of water to remove dirt and stains. Wipe the coffee table with a soft cloth, remove all dust and sandpaper Apply teak oil in a thin, even layer, working in sections. Cover all parts of the coffee table. Let it dry for at least one hour. Apply additional layers until teak no longer absorbs the oil. Remove any excess oil that accumulates. Allow to dry overnight. Buff the table into a shiny luster with a soft cloth.

Tips and warnings

Teak must be clean and dry before applying teak oil. Try grinding the teak surface evenly. Differences in grinding indicate the final finish. Use small pieces of fine sandpaper to reach into small, narrow spaces in the coffee table. You can apply teak oil with a brush or cloth. If it gets sticky, add more oil and rub to thin it. Use teak oil in a well-ventilated area and use respiratory protection. Bird droppings can color teak quickly. Take spillage from the surface immediately to prevent staining.