Remarkable Glass Top Dining Table

60 Round Dining Table Glass Top

The contemporary glass top dining table comes in many forms. Starting with the rectangular and round more or less classic, through the oval tables. To finish with even more original examples that reflect the imagination and creativity today’s designers. It is the same for the feet of this type of table which necessarily constitute an important decorative detail because exposed to the eyes of everyone.

In this publication, we examine design models of such tables and the best ways to use them in their interior design. The contemporary glass table is a classic piece of furniture whose glossy surface is successfully used in dark colored interiors. Or in spaces that leave something to be desired from the lighting point of view. In this context, it reflects the light and allows us to improve the overall mood of the room.

In an interior dominated by light shades, a model glass table will have a less remarkable presence. But just as interesting. Especially if the furniture we chose has feet in dark tones. Glass and wood go so well together that kitchen and dining furniture designers often rely on this combination of materials in the design of glass tables. Decoration with suspensions takes into account the properties of the glass. And its ability to return lighting from luminaires located just above the table.