Seamless Character And The Sleek Look Garage Floor Epoxy

Basement Floor Epoxy Options

Garage floor epoxy – The best garage floor paint remains beautiful for a long time, is cheap and easy to paint on the concrete floor. Ordinary concrete paint is often not good enough, real special garage flooring is therefore recommend. Epoxy floors are mainly used in business premises, retail spaces and other commercial environments where high demands are place on the floor.

Due to the seamless character and the sleek look. Epoxy floors can also be seen in the modern interior. Albeit less frequently because epoxy also has a number of disadvantages compared to, for example, polyurethane. Because of its strong and liquid-tight properties, epoxy is very suitable as a coating material for industrial floors. It is resistant to chemicals and acids and can easily withstand the weight of heavy machinery and vehicles.

A precondition for this is that the substrate is completely stable. Because epoxy is hard but not very flexible (such as polyurethane). Epoxy is also widely use in public areas (showrooms, retail spaces) where there is a need for effects in the floor. Such as company logos or advertising messages. Application in modern interiors is also possible although people choose less for this. Epoxy floors are in fact less comfortable than polyurethane floors .