Set Up Deck Stairs In Different Materials And Decor

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Outdoor deck stairs can be set up in different materials. The typical outdoor stairs we perform are concrete staircases, granite staircases and, for example, staircases in the manor stone or other type of pavement that fits the current coating. Stair projects are almost never the same, many want to have more steps and others just a single.

Even if your outdoor stairs lead to the house and not in the garden, they can still be flames in bloom every day of the year. Visit a craft store selling dried and faux flowers to buy items to make into a wreath, a long decorative string that wraps around the stairway rail or railing. Looks for robustly made flowers to stand for rain, snow, ice and burning sun. Twist flowers in garland, and hook above and below the railing.

Other garland options include hanging small toys down to garland or leftover Christmas decorations. Stairs without a railing or railing (just concrete or wood, for example) also benefit from garlands. Create a length of each step, cut to size, add in the flowers and tape down the step or on the step side with the gaff tape to prevent garland from being a ride hazard.