Simple Small Front Porch Decor Ideas

Chair For Small Porch

Let’s talk about small front porch decor. To frame the entrance, arrange two jars of wood, wicker or oversized metal on either side of the front door for a striking effect. It is filled generously and simply with green winter branches of all kinds or a simple fir tree. Mix the different textures of foliage for a refined and different effect: fir, boxwood, pine, cedar, magnolia, eucalyptus, sage.

The different shades of green make the composition even more beautiful! Fill in with just the right dose of color with Ilex branches with small red or green berries, without foliage. Greet your guests with a pretty wreath hanging on your door. Choose a natural linen or silk jute ribbon to suspend your crown with personality. Opt for a battery-powered light string to illuminate the crown without seeing the wires running along the door.

The lights are a must at Christmas, but also throughout the winter. They add a magical dimension to the elements they illuminate and allow us to enjoy longer outings outside. They are chosen white, for a chic and timeless effect. Professional landscaping also makes all the difference to the garden in the evening. Combined with your holiday lights and garlands, the effect will be spectacular.