Small Kitchen Floor Plans With Ceramic Tile

Tiny Kitchen Makeovers Before And After

Small Kitchen Floor Plans – Tiling a kitchen floor can be an exciting time. A new plant can replace an old and ugly floor, which offers a new opportunity to make the kitchen attractive and more functional. In a small kitchen, you have the added advantage of having the money for a more expensive tile since you do not need as much floor tiles.

Determine the amount of money you want to budget only on the tiles, apart from the installation costs. Measure your space, and add 10 percent of the square meters of the floor surface. The extra 10 percent is for cuts and breaks or losses. Extra tiles on hand are better than running before the floor is finished since sometimes the same tile will be out of stock or otherwise not available. Very large tiles are generally more expensive than smaller and more common tile sizes.

Find available chips in the colors you prefer and in the price range, you can afford. Do not be shy when selecting patterns or any box that is not uniform in color. Adding design patterns or using mottled tiles can greatly increase the appearance of the plant. Often, a uniform color, all white or all beige floors will look cold, flat and boring. Sometimes by adding a simple edge tile, a whole plant will look more modern and elegant. By mixing sizes and colors, a floor can seem much more expensive and customary.