Space Shortage? Make Attic Pull Down Stairs!

Attic Ladders

Make stairs in a new home or in an existing home? Do you want a new attic pull down stairs in a new house, or in your existing house a fixed staircase place? Then you can go to Trapidee for a new wooden staircase. Of course, a staircase to the attic is also possible. You can let us tailor your stairs because Trapidee is the shortest way to a hardwood staircase, spruce staircase, an oak, beech or ash staircase, placing an attic staircase, or loft ladder.

The wooden stairs of Trapidee are guaranteed quality products. The price of a fixed staircase, the price for placing a fixed wooden staircase to the attic, or a loft ladder, you will find all on this website. A beautiful wooden staircase is a jewel for your home. Our range has a variety of stylish staircases: from elegant, classic staircases with twisted balusters to modern, tight staircases with stainless steel bars.

Of course you can also come to us for a timeless oak, beech or ash staircase. You can choose which elements and wood types you want to have in your new staircase. Do you have a lack of space in your home and moving is not an option? Then think about placing a space-saving attic staircase. A staircase to the attic offers a lot of convenience and if you place a dormer or skylight, you have a beautiful attic room.