Stair Master: Good For The Heart And The Silhouette

Design Of Stair Master

It is not always easy to play sports regularly. Yet, some aspects of our daily lives allow for physical activity. This is the case of stair master. Who did not feel breathless after climbing the four floors of a building? Who did not have difficulty breathing? It’s not only people with asthma and smokers who feel short of breath after climbing several steps, it even happens to athletes.

Indeed, this activity requires much more muscle than jogging and accelerates the rhythm of the heart that needs oxygen. It is this deficiency of oxygen which then causes the breathlessness. Only solution to avoid being panting and to pull the tongue after twenty steps: train. The more you climb the stairs, the less breathless you will be.

You can also train at home by doing some squats: standing with your feet shoulder width apart, bend your legs pushing your buttocks backwards keeping your back straight then pushing on your legs to return to your position. Different exercises can be done when you climb the stairs. You can climb the stairs as fast as possible: this exercise “cardio” will have the effect of working your heart. Another method is to climb the stairs on tiptoe. Muscle strengthening that will make your buttocks firm and your legs shapely.