Stylish Dining Table With Storage

Bar Dining Table With Storage

In today’s ideas we take you to another part of the house: the dining room. Unfortunately, we are not all blessed with a home with a spacious and / or separate dining room. This of course does not mean that there are no possibilities for a cozy and stylish dining table with storage in a small space. Sometimes your dining room is part of your living room, but we also often see that the dining room and kitchen are combined.

Are you the lucky owner of a kitchen with a separate kitchen unit or kitchen island? Take a look at the possibilities to sit here with a number of stylish bar stools. If the kitchen unit is large enough you can make a handy dining room set in a jiffy. Take for example the kitchen on the above picture. Not only is this ideal for preparing food, but when you’re done cooking, you can also eat here.

This part of the kitchen is even equipped with an enormous amount of storage space under the top, an efficient and stylish whole! Finish it off with a couple of atmospheric lamps, just as you would do above a ‘separate’ dining table. You can also choose to leave the space under the sheet empty, in this way you provide a little more comfort and legroom while eating.