Stylish Front Porch Design

Covered Front Porch Design

The porch in American architecture, in all its forms, is above all a space of transition between the outside world and the private family home. The open structure, as an extension of the house, is also representative of the interior design scheme of the house. As such, front porch design should treated as a room, an outdoor space, one that can be so fun and challenging, as to decorate any room in the house.


The porch was held in Victorian architecture. The intricate wood, elaborately turned columns and balusters and bright colors played against the white wicker furniture made all rigid by a bright screen. You can update the front porch design with Victorian style, emphasizing the color and the loss of your front porch ideas for houses with hanging pots and baskets. Choose large wicker chairs with cushions upholstered in outdoor fabrics. Use the end tables that do not match the wrought iron legs and set up wicker baskets filled with antique croquet balls.


Classic rocking chairs and painted side tables look great on the front porch additions, which makes for a warm welcoming country. Hang wreaths of dried flowers and show the ancient garden tools on the walls. Use fabrics with subtle colors in the floral patterns and add a jute or hemp rug at the entrance. To make the look a little more cabin style, use white painted seesaws and high-backed chairs with seat cushions. Use wicker baskets filled with flowers and herbs for accessories.