Teak Coffee Table Best Furniture Option Choice

Round Coffee Table With Glass Top

Teak coffee table – Teak furniture is a best and durable option for both indoor and outdoor placing. If left outdoors in the open air, the wood produces an attractive silver-gray finish that is easy to maintain. Other owners prefer to preserve the golden color of new teak furniture, and this requires periodic treatment with teak oil.

Teak wood furniture can last for many years, and you may want to repaint parts that show signs of wear. For example, teak side tables indoor can be refinished to remove dirt and stains to make it look like new. Set a plastic tarp to protect the floor. Wash the wood with a solution of 1 teaspoon. dishwashing liquid to 1 gallon of water to remove surface dirt and stains. Let it dry overnight. Sand surface with 320-grit sandpaper or use an orbital sander to soften and clean the surface, following the grain of the wood.

Wipe the coffee table with a soft cloth and remove all the dust and sandpaper. Apply the teak oil in a thin and even layer, working on sections. Cover all areas of the ikea coffee table. Let it dry for at least an hour. Apply additional coats until the teak no longer absorbs the oil. Remove excess oil that accumulates. Let dry overnight. Buff the board to a lustrous sheen with a soft cloth.