Teak Coffee Table Outdoor Special Treatment

Small Teak Wood Coffee Table Furniture

Teak coffee table outdoor – The most suffered material for the exterior is those made with teak wood. The Teka is a dense and extremely durable wood with a high content of oil and wax. The teak furniture is ideal for patios, porches, and terraces since its quality of grease makes it impermeable to water, mold, and insects that eat wood. With soap and water, without adding any other product.

We can perform a deep cleaning with the help of a hard fiber brush. The brush will help us lift dirt from the wood without damaging it. We are passing the brush and cleaning with a dry cloth. If we see that the teak outdoor dining table stays very humid we can go back to pass the cloth to remove the excess water. For larger areas, we can use an electric sander and for smaller areas. We can use a sanding pad or sandpaper.

Teak oil is a product especially recommended for this type of outdoor coffee table and chairs that manages to rekindle the color and protect the surface. We can apply the product with a brush or roller. But we always have to make sure to apply a good amount. The teak oil does not touch the wood. It does not create a layer on it. As it goes inside allows us to expose the grain of the wood.