Teak Shelves: Perfect In Modern And Classic Style

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That the wood teak is becoming more and more prosperous is reflected in the interior trends. These too consist of more and more luxurious fabrics and furniture. Curious about how you make your interior look more chic? Below we give some inspiring ideas teak shelves! Luxurious fabrics such as velvet and velvet have been very hip for a while, but will also be very common in 2018.

You will now encounter many velvet furniture at home fairs and in home stores. Are you going for a chic look of your interior? Velvet and velvet in deep and often dark colors fit perfectly with that! But you will also encounter many velvet furniture in light pink. A velvet piece of furniture can be perfectly combined with wood. You will often see velvet furniture with wooden curled legs. This immediately gives a chic, classic and Victorian look.

Do you have a teak dining table ? Then velvet dining chairs fit perfectly. Not only do velvet furniture fit well with (teak) wood, they are also easy to combine with gold! Gold and bronze are increasingly common in the interior. These metals give a luxurious appearance through their colors. They can be perfect in a more modern or a classic interior.