The Best Front Porch Swings

5ft Porch Swing

Front porch swings create a place for homeowners to relax. And also capture their thoughts while adding to the aesthetic appeal of the house’s exterior decor. The best swings on the porch feature quality woodworking and do not suffer from wear and tear as easily as inferior models. Other factors to consider when looking for the best porch swings are the type of wood, portability and size.

Hanging deck

Hanging deck models are wooden swings that are suspended by a porch roof via ropes or metal-linked chains. Many hanging deck models are wood and have a bench-like look that seats two people. Hanging deck porch swing plans is made of horizontal slats connected by cross-beam supports. According to the “Popular woodworking” magazine, the degradation of hanging tires is largely due to loosening of the joints after many years of wear and tear.

Glider Swing

Unlike other porch outdoor swing chair, glider swings do not suspend in the air with tove or chains. Glider front porch swings actually slide along the ground and support themselves. An advantage of glider swings is they are easily removed if homeowners need more space on their porch. Homeowners can find wood, plastic and metal glider swings on the market. Incorrect technology recommends 5-foot Cedar Mission gliders. This glider swing is made of western redwood cedar and features double-dipped oil finish. 5-foot Cedar Mission gliders are capable of handling up to 500 pounds of weight.