Tips To Choose Vinyl Flooring For Bathroom

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Choosing vinyl flooring for bathroom can be a difficult task because of the myriad of choices at hand. Tile varies in composition, thickness, shape, size, color and texture. Floor tiles placed in the bathroom must be durable, non-porous, slip resistant and easy to keep clean. Color and pattern set the mood and enhance the look you want to achieve. Plan a visit to your local floor retailer to consider your options and enable conscious choices.



Consult bathroom design magazines and online images to decide on a look that is right for you. Attend home shows and visit the bathroom and floor showrooms for a “real-life” look at different design possibilities. Measure the floor area you will cover. Draw a simple, scaled template of the floor. Utilize computer-aided design software available at many construction stores and tile stores.


Consider the size of your bathroom when making color choices. Lighter colors make smaller spaces seem larger. Coordinate floor and wall tiles for a uniform look. Match boundary floor tiles for recessed wall tiles for increased congruence. Choose vinyl flooring color that will enhance the larger, stationary pieces in your bathroom, such as bath, WC, countertop and sinks. Ask your tile associate for proper grout and sealant for floor tiles you choose. Take your template when shopping for tiles. Buy a few more tiles than you need in case of crime. Do not use tiles on a floor. Tile is not thick enough to withstand the weight that a floor must wear.