Tips To Make Storage Coffee Table

Amazing Custom Coffee Table

Multiple purpose storage coffee table save space while keeping in the living room clutter free. A storage coffee table must be mixed with the style of other furniture in the room. It should be more than just a place for things items out of sight. Several drawers keep the craft and scrapbooking supplies, game cartridges and DVDs.


Find two pieces of irregularly shaped burled walnut approximately 2-by-4 feet by 1-inch thick. These will be the top and bottom of the storage coffee table. Lay out a 24-by-48 inch rectangle on the bad side of each part with a sharp carpenter’s pen. Place a second 23-by-47-inch rectangle inside the first one. Drill 1/8-inch diameter guide holes in the four corners between the two rectangles you describe on the two burled walnut sheets. See the picture that comes with this step for the correct positions of the screw hole. Drill the corresponding pilot hole in 23-by-24-inch with 1-inch side pieces.

Lower all holes. Turn the upper and lower parts so that the good side is facing up. Lay the side pieces between the top and bottom and screw them loosely into place in the four corners with 2-inch brass wood screws. Mount the 23-by-47 inch blade of walnut between the upper and lower parts and the side pieces to make a back for the storage table. Tighten the four corner screws all the way. Drill the 2-inch deep 1/8-inch diameter guide hole through each side piece and into the back piece, as indicated by the black boxes in the picture that follows this step. Lower all holes. Fasten with 2-inch brass wood screws.