Under Stair Storage Design Ideas

Under Stair Storage Design

Under stair storage – Due to its unusual shape, the space below a ladder is often either filled with clutter or not used at all. You can make this space more useful and convenient by installing shelves in it for small objects. Grading the shelving size of large shelves at the bottom of small shelves at the top creates an interesting visual accent of the room, while providing variety of storage.

Measure the distance between the stringers below the stairs. The stringers are the diagonal pieces of wood in which the steps of the ladder adapt. The distance between them on a standard ladder should be somewhere between 32 and 36 inches. Cut a 3/4 inch thick plank 10 inches wide with a length that matches the distance between the spars.

Place the two 3/4-inch pieces by 3/4 inches of wood from the ends of the board 10 inches wide so that they form studs that are flush with the ends of the board. Drill pilot holes through the screw fixing systems and the ends of the plate using 1 1/4 inch screws. Place the joint between the stringers below the ladder so that it is the same height as one of the treads and form a shelf space with the tread above it as the top of the shelf space. Drive screws through the sides of the slats and into the inside of the stringers to secure the shelf.