Understanding Teak Wood Properties

Teak Wood Table

Teak or teak wood is valued, both by professionals and by consumers. It is for many of its characteristics: beautiful appearance, easy workability, great durability, etc. This wood is native to Asia, more specifically from countries such as India, Laos or Thailand. Nowadays, and due to the high demand, it is possible to find farms in Africa and Central and South America.

The teak wood price is usually high. Although the exploitations are more and more numerous the demands has grown in bigger proportion elevating its price. It is common to find other species to which the name of teak is added, even though they have nothing to do with it. For example, cumaru wood is also known as Brazilian teak. It seems to be more a marketing issue.

Teak wood is known as the Queen of the Woods for its ability to not break down when in contact with metals. In addition, its appearance improves over the years, so it is usual to find it in luxury furniture. The teak color is intense golden brown, normally. They have a very good resistance to moisture and the attack of fungi and insects. It is even possible to leave it out in the open without treatment thanks to its oil.