Unfinished Basement Storage Ideas

How To Build Storage Under Basement Stairs

Basement Storage Ideas – While an unfinished basement may not be the most attractive place in the home, it still offers treasured storage space. While it may be tempting to stack boxes in a corner or simply place them randomly throughout the basement. Items hidden in cardboard boxes can become wet if the basement floor gets wet. Also, messy stacking is not an effective or aesthetically adequate means of storage. Simple storage solutions such as wire grid shelving keep the space tidy.

No matter what type of storage solution you choose, a basement presents some security issues. Moisture conditions contribute to moisture, which can make the soil a bit damp from time to time. So, it’s best to keep all the elements stored off the ground to keep them in good condition. A dehumidifier helps eliminate excess moisture from the air. If you are going to apply to the walls of the bookshelf. Make sure electrical wiring is protected from nails or screws. Make sure all areas of the basement are well lit.

Wire shelving, such as chrome shelves are observed in some commercial pantries and kitchens. Offers a means to store goods of all kinds, while allowing you to see exactly what is on each shelf. Line several sides by side against a wall outside the tracks for underutilized materials, such as storage tubs filled with holiday decorations or wrapping paper. Designate a shelf according to the type of project, or a complete unit of shelves for thematic – for example, materials, tools or supplies of elaboration paint. Place the heaviest items on low shelves to avoid potential stress or injury, and to lower the center of gravity of the units.