Usefulness Stair Slide In Home

Cool Stair Slide

What is the function of a stair slide? Although the question seems simple, it is not so simple, because it is a function of the needs that you intend to cover. The obvious answer seems to be to facilitate a way up or down to overcome unevenness or obstacles, but that is if you use the prosaic point of view of the ordinary citizen, who in his innocence considers that a set of steps is that, something that comes down to a question of usefulness.

There are stairs and stairs. In addition to Jacob’s ladder through which angels climb to heaven, we have other known as the St. Domingos de Bonaval or those that make one of the most curious pictures of the Vatican museums. There is also the typical staircase of the painter, or the one that dignitaries from other countries come down when they arrive to our land, becoming the classic photo with greeting included.

All physical stairs have something in common. Its main function is what we said at the beginning: save a gap. Something so prosaic that in Lugo is obvious in favor of a more important and profound issue: that the staircase is beautiful, even if you kill yourself in it.