Very Nice Butterfly Leaf Dining Table

Cool Round Table With Leaf

In this article we share useful tips and inspiring pictures that you can certainly use at home. Do you have a small dining room or are you going to move to a house soon where you have to be more creative with the available space? Then you are at the right place with this ideas butterfly leaf dining table! Take a look and be inspired! This has been realized in a very nice way!

In addition to creating four places to eat in this way, you can of course also enjoy a delicious cocktail in the late evening hours. Does it not seem convenient to you to have breakfast, lunch and / or dinner as close to the kitchen? We are absolutely a fan! This idea is ideal for when you are dealing with a one-room apartment or an open kitchen.

We stay within the trend of eating at higher dining tables because also on the picture above we see a part of the kitchen where you again sit on stylish stools. If you do not have a lot of space, attaching a wide shelf to the wall is a good option! In other countries we see this option more often than in the Netherlands, but it should not be missing in our list.