Vinyl Stair Nosing: Unparalleled And Beautiful!

Best Vinyl Stair Nosing

Vinyl stair nosing – The stairs are usually in general, the part of the house that receives less attention from the decorative point of view. At most, they decorate with lights, some figurine and little else. Today we want you to notice this forgotten element. For that reason, we want to give you the leading role you deserve in front. Or also called the stair riser. It does not matter if they are snail, straight, wooden, glass, that have integrated storage, with illuminated steps …

All of them can be renewed with a good vinyl for floors. And all of them can be converted into a house piece with its own entity. The hydraulic tiles were in fashion until the 70s but now come back to resurge with strength to stay, being the sensation of the moment.

But, let’s ask these who send us their new stairs with vinyls of this style. If you want to have an author’s staircase at home, think about using geometry in yours. It is an option that will not go out of style with time, in addition you have many colors and geometric patterns to choose from, to make them unique, unparalleled and beautiful! Check our gallery to inspire you!