Window For Small Basement Ideas

Exposed Basement Ceiling Ideas

Basement windows are notoriously small and known to be in very little light and not least have mediocre views at their best. That said, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on those windows altogether. With a little effort and strategy you can make your basement windows seem bigger and fresher for your small basement ideas.

Fabric Curtain

Choose fabric that is blurry or sheer. Something that will maintain some degree of privacy, yet let in a lot of light. Cut a piece of fabric about 2 inches wider than the width of your window for small basement ideas. Install a decorative curtain rod, such as a layer of wrought iron rod or one that has decorative fixtures on it. Measure a length of carpet so that it will only hit the floor but not touch it. You can keep the carpet swept aside for a little romantic effect. The long curtain will make the small window in small narrow basement ideas look longer.


Sometimes, if you have money, the best answer for small basement windows is to expand them. This is a particularly good solution if you look at the renovation of the basement as an investment in your home. This will involve hiring a contractor to dig new window wells around the window and for some may mean cutting through concrete. Larger windows will provide a more natural light to flow into the room, making it more livable. This increased amount of natural light will let you bring more plants down into the basement to make the basement interior design ideas more cheerful. And also help hide an uninviting view.